Unravel from grind culture.
Play music with ease and joy.

Start your 30-day free trial of the Mindful Practice Room

Join our virtual practice room and coworking space for musicians to gather inspiration and stay accountable. Join anywhere from your living room to your college practice room.

The 60-minute sessions will begin and end with guided practice thoughts, with plenty of time to practice with curiosity, mindfulness, and exploration, and connect with other musicians.

Who is this for?
Any musician: student, hobbyist, or professional who wants to develop healthy practice habits within a community of thoughtful musicians. You only need your instrument (or voice), and some music to work on.

What can I do in the sessions?
While it's called the Mindful Practice Room, you're welcome to engage in any task that you need a little help starting. That could include practicing, planning a recital program, editing your website or your resume, sending admin emails, or reading books about your instrument. You can use this space however you'd like!

When are the sessions?
We have sessions every Monday at 6pm ET and Thursday at 12pm ET. You can come to as many as you'd like! For this one month trial, you'll receive Zoom links to every session over the next month 30 minutes before each session.

No obligation and no payment is required for this free trial. If you're interested in future sessions, you'll receive info to officially sign up when your trial is ending.

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