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Problem-Solving Practice Strategies

Do you ever feel like you’re…

  • Not able to reliably play a run-through of your recital piece or a section without stopping?
  • Making too many mistakes in the same places for the amount of time you’ve already spent practicing this?
  • Stuck at the same frustratingly slow tempo for those 16ths despite weeks of work?
  • Missing some expressive elements in your music but don't know how to bring it to life?

Well good news, I have practical solutions for you to help you solve any problems that come your way!

You’re invited to discover easy & approachable ways to make your practicing more fun, efficient, and effective.

I’ll be teaching you concrete strategies you can use immediately.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the tiny spots that are causing that passage to feel clunky or uncomfortable and finally know how to address them once and for all
  • Use feedback from your body to increase efficiency in your technique and improve your tone
  • Free your eyes and brain from reading individual notes so you can focus on larger phrasing ideas
  • Get to the root of the real problem in that spot and use tools to help you untangle even the most gnarly issues in fingerings, breathing, rhythm, etc

All you need is your instrument and any music you’re working on (bonus points if there are some tricky problem areas)

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